growing an ecosystem of abundance

Fruity Videos and Audio

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Making the Best of the CRFG Scion Exchange, Selecting Varieties

Making the Best of the CRFG Scion Exchange, What to Bring

Scion Exchange Collecting Scions

Fruitfully Yours

Cavanaugh Center Transformation (lawn to food forest)

Tasting perennial abundance! 

“Edible Forest Garden Tasting Workshop” video with E. Toensmier and J. Bates in their ‘Paradise Lot’:


Akamai Backyard- helping to heal our planet, one backyard at a time. Hawaiian-style homeschooled abundance


Garden Tribe online education-
Talking with Our Tribe

Filmed at the National Heirloom Expo 2013.


Fruity Audio links, with John Valenzuela, and others:

Earth Action Mentor podcast interview, May 28, 2010

Listen to our monthly guild meeting featuring John Valenzuela! 

Listen below to the engaging conversation with John Valenzuela on ways to grow a food forest, what types of foods to grow and what elements are involved. John shares some of his top species in the different layers of a food forest. John also shares great stories of his travels and work as a Permaculturalist.

‘Mouthful, the Wine Country’s Most Delicious Hour
with host Michele Anna Jordan
11/6/2012, KCRB 91FM Public Radio

Mouthful – September 9, 2012 – 2nd Annual National…
Mouthful welcomes Paul Wallace of The Seed Bank, John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens and Katrina Frey of Demeter USA. We’ll explore the upcoming 2nd Annual National Heirloom Exposition and Festival of Rare Fruit, taking place in Santa Rosa on September 11, 12 and 13. This is the only exposition of its kind in the United States and it is right here, in our backyard. Wouldn’t Luther Burbank be proud?

‘Bob Tanem in the Garden’ with John Valenzuela

Sunday Jan 6 2013, KSFO 650AM
Oopps- Archive lost!

‘Focus on Food’ Ep. 15 – The Tree Special

Jan 10, 2013 KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles
Hosted by Carter Wallace,

with guests Steve Hovendahl of the Tree People, John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens and CRFG, and LA’s EcoArborist Darren Butler.



Sustainable World Radio- Episode 146, Jill Cloutier interviewer

May 11, 2018

Learn about the field of arboreal archaeology and why historic fruit trees are important in this interview with John Valenzuela. John is a Permaculture Teacher, Designer, and Horticulturist who specializes in tropical permaculture, rare fruit, and ethnobotany.

In this episode, John talks about the benefits and resilience of trees, fruit history, what to look for in choosing fruit trees for your climate, and what plants he would take to a deserted island. The plants that we discuss include: Carob, Zizyphus, Opuntia, Mesquite, Mahonia, Yacon, many varieties of Apples, Mulberries, Paw Paws, Indian Peaches, Raisin tree, Coconut, Papaya, Banana, Mango, and Cashew.

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