growing an ecosystem of abundance

Pest and Disease Control

Services offered: Pest and Disease Control-

with ‘organic’ and Integrated Pest Management practices

including, but not limited to:

  • balancing the garden from extremes of sun/shade, water/drainage, fertility, airflow
  • establishment of flowers to feed beneficial insects, and attract pollinators
  • creating ponds as habitat for pest predators
  • mixed, diverse plantings
  • aromatic herbs which act as repellants
  • barriers such as nets, wire screens and baskets, ‘Tanglefoot‘, copper strips
  • bottle traps baited with vinegar for fruit fly species (olive, cherry, etc.)
  • insecticidal soap and/or oil sprays against aphids, scale and others
  • Neem, Tea Tree Oil, and/or Sulfur as fungicide
  • iron phosphate “Sluggo” against slugs and snails
  • BT “Dipel” against catepillars
  • Biological fungus control with products such as ‘Serenade’ or ‘Actinovate’

-and other methods and materials.

contact John Valenzuela for scheduling and rates.