growing an ecosystem of abundance

Food Forest Resources


Avocado in the East Bay by John Valenzuela


Eric Beeghly Edible Landscape

Wildheart Gardens – Christopher Shein

Permaculture Artisans, Erik Ohlsen

Food Forests Across America

Demonstration/Working Sites/Collections

Insectary plants for pollinators

Backyard gleaning for the hungry, great resource page

EcoHouse Berkeley

Merrit College, permaculture program

Regenerative Design Institute, permaculture

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Common Vision fruit tree tour, School plantings

Urban Tilth, Kennedy High Farm and Edible Forest

Germplasm Collections

CRFG Santa Clara Chapter, Emma Prusch Park, has three Fruit Orchards: High Density, Heritage, and International Rare Fruit

Andy’s Orchard, Andy Mariani, Morgan Hill

C. Todd Kennedy,

Filoli, Gentlemen’s Orchard

USDA, ARS, National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Davis, Scion distribution; Wolfskill Experimental Farm, Winters- tastings

UC Riverside Citrus Clonal Protection Program,  budwood distribution, tested virus free,


CRFG, Local Chapters, Annual Scion Exchange, plantings, fruit notes, sources

Home Orchard Society

North American Fruit Explorers, NAFEX

Backyard Fruit Growers, Lancaster County, Penn.


Local food harvest calendar

Dave Wilson Nursery Harvest Calendar

Fruit Tree and Vine Care Calendar, from the UC Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County.

Calendar of Backyard Gardening Operations for Selected Temperate Fruit and Nut Trees.

Calendar of Backyard Gardening for Citrus Fruits, with suggested seasonal care.

Varietal Descriptions:

Seed Savers Exchange: Fruit, Nut and Berry Inventory

DWN Fruit Tasting Report

Dave Wilson Nursery, Backyard Orchard Culture

Spread Sheet of all Patented Varieties of Fruit Trees (courtesy of Jason Sutor)

National Academy of Sciences, Lost Crops of the Incas,

Morton, Julia, Fruits of Warm Climates


The Arboreum Company, run by C. Todd Kennedy, and Patrick Shafer, offer high quality trees of rare varieties at an excellent price.

Epicenter Avocado Trees & Fruit Specializing in Rare & Exceptional Avocado Trees–     Proprietors Ellen Baker and Freddy Menge, based in La Selva Beach, Santa Cruz County, have done years of varietal trials, sourcing from the great avocado collections in Southern California, in addition to unique local Santa Cruz area varieties.

Tierra Madre Farm Rare Fruit Trees and Vegetable Seeds Old Tyme Heirlooms and New Favorites, Chris Menge, Shane Murphy and Cory Murphy, Santa Cruz, CA

Rolling River Nursery is a family run USDA certified Organic nursery and permaculture homestead, located in Orleans, Northern California

Burnt Ridge Nursery, run by Michael Dolan, excellent selection of disease resistant varieties

Trees of Antiquity, excellent selection of rare varieties, not only apples! formerly Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery

Greenmantle Nursery, Ettersburg, Ram Fishman specializes in Albert Etter Apple varieties,

One Green World, many unusual varieties

Raintree Nursery,  unusual varieties

Four Winds Nursery, dwarf citrus and Meyer improved

Dave Wilson Nursery, exclusive propagator of Flyod Zaiger bred Peaches, Pluots, Peacotums, & more

Scion wood sources by mail order:

Maple Valley Orchards and Nursery, Gillett, WI, Apple Scionwood:

FEDCO Trees Waterville, ME, Scionwood:

Wagon Wheel Orchard, Gardner, KS,  SCION WOOD:

Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts
S. Lothrop Davenport Collection, Apple Scionwood:

Perennial Vegetable Sources:

Rare and Hard-to-Find Perennial Seed/Plant Sources

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Peaceful Valley, Grass Valley, extensive selection of organic growing supplies

Harmony Farm Supply, Graton, great selection of unusual edible plants and organic growing supplies

Permaculture Design:

Design for a Garden/Orchard Using the Concepts of Permaculture/Agroforestry/Intercropping and Ecosystems Agroecology in a Mediterranean Climate,
A California Biologist’s Perspective, Las Pilitas Nursery

Academic/Government Research & Extension:

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, The California Backyard Orchard

Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening

University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, UC Davis

Sustainable Ag Research and Ed., USDA

Ag Sust. Inst. UC Davis

Miguel Altieri, Agroecology, UC Berk

Agroecology, Gleisman

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, Garden info, UCSC

ATTRA- Nat. sust. Ag Info Service, National Center for Appropriat Tech., USDA

Rooting Database- UC Davis Dept of Plant Sciences

Historical/Modern Cultural Examples:

The Kino Heritage Fruit Trees Project, Jesús Manuel García-Yánez, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum & Robert M. Emanuel, University of Arizona-

La Huerta Project Old Mission Santa Barbara, Jerry Sortomme

John R. Wolfskill, Winters’ earliest American settler, 1842

Henderson and Seth Lewelling Traveling Nursery 1847-

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, Santa Rosa

Luther Burbank Goldridge Experimental Farm, Sebastopol

Albert Etter-

David Karp, the ‘Fruit Detective’- Unforbidden Fruit, UC Riverside and USDA project

Maya Forest Gardens, UC SB Anthropology

Agroforestry in the Pacific Islands: Systems for Sustainability Edited by W.C. Clarke and R.R. Thaman – Contents

The Chagga home gardens: A multi-storeyed agro-forestry cropping system on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania, E. C. M. Fernandes, A. Oktingati, and J. Maghembe International Council for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya

Nutrition and agriculture Home garden agriculture in Kerala revisited, M. Abdul Salam, K. Sathees Babu, and N. Mohanakumaran

The Javanese Homegarden, Soemarwoto and Conway


Tending the Wild Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources, M. Kat Anderson, Ecologist UC Davis.

F. H. King , D. Sc., Farmers of Forty Centuries or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan,

J. Russel Smith, Tree Crops: a permanent agriculture

The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping: Home Landscaping with Food-Bearing Plants and Resource-Saving Techniques, Rosalind Creasy

How to Design and Maintain your Edible Landscape Naturally, Robert Kourik

Masanobu Fukuoka citrus and plum orchards

Forest Gardening, Cultivating an Edible Landscape- Robert Hart

How to Make a Forest Garden, Patrick Wakefield

Jacke and Toensmier, Edible Forest Gardens excerpt from Edible Forest Gardens

Eric Toensmeier, Perennial Vegetables

Gaia’s Garden, Toby Hemmenway

Gardening for Maximum Nutrition, Jerry Minnich, Rodale Press 1983

One Circle Garden, Growing a Complete Diet on 1,000 square feet, Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula, 1985

Digital/Web based media:

Cloudforest Gardener, A Community of Eclectic Gardeners

discussion group

Plants for a Future database, Ken Kern

Martin Crawford, Agroforestry Research Trust

West Coast Food Forestry, Rain Tenaqiya, buy the DVD

Geoff Lawton, Establishing a Food Forest DVD

Grow Organic Apples, Holistic Orchard Network, Michael Phillips

Tropical agroforestry guides and resources  publications available for free download

Basics of Fruit Tree Pruning, Better Ways to Prune for Tree Health & Long Tree Life, presentation by Tom Del Hotal of the San Diego Chapter CRFG